Wiltons Music Hall Wedding With A Strong Man, Magician and Drag King

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding

Wowzers! I was super excited when I first spoke to London couple Sebastian and Ramesh about their interactive theatre and Victorian themed Wiltons Music Hall Wedding. I had never shot at the gorgeous old east end Victorian theatre before. Nor had I ever been to a Wiltons Music Hall. Let alone with a full-on cabaret and interactive theatre show as part of the entertainment!

These two film and theatre-loving guys had been together for over 10 years. They wanted a fabulous wedding with a Victorian-style that incorporated the bisexual colour scheme of ink purple and white. The old Victorian East End theatre was the perfect choice.

Couple Shoot at Tower Bridge

I first met up with the guys several months before their Wilton Music Hall Wedding. (We didn’t call it an engagement shoot as they had been engaged for 5 years)! I am so glad the guys decided to book the extra shoot as well because it was fab to meet them both. I loved their style and especially Ramesh’s beautiful hair. We wandered around Tower Bridge for a couple of hours chatting and getting to know each other. (This always helps on the wedding day)! I got a real sense of their unique style and sense of romance. Plus, I got to hear more about their exciting wedding day plans. They got to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. We had a lovely, relaxed shoot and captured some beautiful photos at St Dunstan in the East and Tower Bridge.

Here is a link and guide for how to have relaxed engagement or couple shoot. (Sebastian and Ramesh feature in as well!)

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding – the perfect venue

The couple had snuck away to Scotland the week before their wedding day and “officially” got married at Inverness Cathedral. Their Wiltons Music Hall Wedding was to be a cabaret extravaganza of love and entertainment for their 120 family and friends.

Wedding Inspiration at Wiltons

Sebastian and Ramesh’s wedding inspiration and ideas all started with the venue. The music hall was built by John Wilton in 1859. The ambition being to provide West End glamour and comfort for people of the East End. The music hall has an airy spell-binding atmosphere to it. It has a beautiful rustic interior, lovingly restored back to life after years lying derelict. Now, it is also a thriving arts and heritage venue.

Once the couple had secured the venue their ideas sprung from there. Given that they originally (unknowingly) first met at a readthrough, it is quite appropriate that a theatre was to be the venue for their wedding celebration. Sebastian told me how they met.

“Like many modern couples, we met through online dating.  Or so we thought. Actually. Once we’d exchanged a few messages, we realised that the world is very small. We had met before, at a readthrough in Battersea Park.  The first proper date though was through OKCupid.  Never being quite sure how these things are going to go. We arranged to meet for coffee, which makes it quite easy to get away quickly if you’re not having much fun.  More than 24 hours later. We finally pulled ourselves apart, but only until we could meet up again a week later.  Less than a month after that we were on holiday together in Prague. Another six and we moved in together. Turns out, when you know, you know.”

The Wedding Day

Sebastian and Ramesh had a wonderful wedding day planned. As they had already been married in Inverness the weekend before, the day started with a blessing at Sebastian’s local church. Then family and friends all headed to Wiltons Music Hall for the wedding reception, cabaret and party.

Sebastian told me in his pre-wedding consult.

“My plan is ridiculous. I’m doing Parkrun at 9.00, coming home for a quick shower. Changing into part of my outfit, then going to church to rehearse for the choir at 11.00-12.00. Then doing the rest of my prep there”!

After the blessing, I whizzed off from Finsbury Park to met up with Jade my wonderful second shooter at Wiltons. We were just in time for reception drinks and a few portraits with the couple. Jade started with the reception and detail shots. I joined her after I had spent 10 minutes with the couple for some quick relaxed portraits.

Macus Morgan (the magician) was in character and welcoming guests as the owner of the music hall.

Massive Group Photo

After reception drinks time for the group photo. Sebastian and Ramesh were very keen on a group photo of all of their guests and even though they can take ages to get everyone in place they are a lovely memory. What better place than the stage!

Then after the group photo, it was time to sit down and enjoy the delicious meal. Jade and I whizzed amongst the tables getting as many photos of the guests that we could.

Marvellous speeches followed the sublime meal

Speeches are one of my favourite parts of the day. Sebastian and Ramesh and their bridal party did not disappoint with a mixture of hilarious and emotional speeches. The backdrop of the stage made for a spectacular backdrop. With the bridal party handily positioned on the stage, it meant a fabulous view for everyone. Coupled with excellent theatre lighting and sound by Wiltons the audience (sorry I mean guests), were all set for the best view in the house!

Cutting of the cake… then let the entertainment begin!

The interactive theatre, which was written and designed especially for the couple included some extraordinary performances. The actors were in role for the whole evening. They put on an interactive theatre piece, with a story of star-crossed queer love in the Victorian era. Introduced by Marcus the Magician the spectacular cabaret entertainment included the Strong man, Drag King and Contortionist.

Couple Portraits

The Music Hall was still buzzing with the stunning performance. I quickly whizzed Sebastian and Ramesh off for a few more quick shots before we lost the last of the daylight.

The guys looked absolutely stunning. Both Sebastian and Ramesh’s suits, dress, shoes and headpiece were designed by historical costume designer Janet Comber from Time Tailor.

First Dance and Party

After more drinks outside and in. Games with the actors it was time for the dancing to begin.

and that my dear friends was a wrap! What an amazing day and an even more amazing night. I soooo enjoyed working with the talented Jade Eleanor Evans. The experience of live theatre was unbelievable. Wiltons Music Hall simply rocks and is such a beautiful venue. And of two lovely guys with a great sense of style and entertainment. In the words of Sebastian himself when I asked him. What advice would you give other couples?

“Ignore what anyone tells you you’re supposed to do, and instead concentrate on what’s really important and unique to you”.

I am so glad you did Sebastian. Thank you so much for having me as your Wilton Music Hall Wedding Photographer. I loved every minute of it.


Reception Venue: Wiltons Music Hall

Second Shooter: Jade Eleanor Photography

Sebastian and Ramesh’s outfits: Janet Comber at Time Taylor

Makeup: Sebastian did his own

Hair: Ramesh -@ Chaps and Dames

Cake: Malarkey Cakes

DJ: DJ Mike

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