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For me, whether it is fun weddings, emotive weddings, alternative weddings or gay wedding photography I am all about capturing the moments. Documentary and reportage style of photography is the best way to describe it. I don't like stiff, posed, images. I'd rather be natural and unposed.

To do this I am super stealth-like and unobtrusive! My fun-loving, colourful and authentic style sums up the vibe for gay wedding photography and alternative wedding photography...well every chilled out couple getting hitched really!


natural,colourful and real


I am all about being natural and real. I won't be barking instructions at you to get you posing this way and that, or any of that palava. I find that just tends to make people freeze and look uncomfortable and awkward.

I know you will probably want some pix of just you and your partner away from all your guests and we will do these in a gorgeous unposed, natural and totally fun way. I use my creative skills to the max in taking these pix, always looking for the right light and composition, with you two relaxed and in the moment and just being you. These genuine pix are characterful, full of life and real feeling. Allow about 25 minutes for these.


connecting with you


I'd like to get to know you and your other half and really connect. I hope you share a similar philosophy as me and love laughing, spontaneity and being real. I have my ways and means of being an all-round super friendly, chilled and on the button photographer!

relax – you’re in safe hands!

"Thank you is not enough"

"We loved having you there and you felt more like a guest than a wedding photographer! Our guests loved how professional you were and how you had a knack of blending in and allowing them to feel comfortable when photos were being taken. We loved sharing our day with you and know that we made the right choice choosing you. Thank you again (and again)!"

Shelly & Katie, Steyning


you Beautiful People!

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