A Right Royal Romance: Princess Di Admirers Love Celebrating LGBTQ+ Wedding at Kensington Gardens

Elegant yet relaxed wedding LGBTQ+ Wedding at Kensington Gardens

John and Bryan, two Americans who chose to say “I do” in one of their favourite cities in the world – London.  A relaxed, intimate LGBTQ+ wedding at Kensington Gardens. As the leaves began to turn and the air took on a crisper autumnal chill, Bryan and John’s love story found its perfect backdrop amidst the fading greenery of Kensington Gardens and the gorgeous Milestone Hotel. And I was there to capture it all!

This LGBTQ+ wedding at Kensington Gardens was elegant and relaxed.  It was so great to meet the guys and their families and see how happy everyone was to join them in celebrating their special day.

These two American lovelies (big Princess Di fans) had told me before in our pre-wedding zoom, “We want a real casual vibe, with everyone dressing up in black, white and grey. We’re trying to create a black and white elegant, but relaxed feel”. 

A Leisurely Stroll Through Kensington Gardens

Before the “I dos” kicked off, we embarked on a pre-ceremony stroll through Kensington Gardens. From the charming Italian Gardens to the majestic Kensington Palace, every step we made meant gorgeous backdrops for their pix.

I often think it can be a good idea to have some couple pix taken before the ceremony.  This frees up so much time for later on in the day when couples would much prefer to be hanging out with their guests and supping on bubbles.  I’m finding I am grabbing these couple shots before the ceremony more and more often these days. It is proving really popular. This also has a double bonus of me able to capture more candids during the drinks reception whilst the grooms just chill out and have fun with their guests.

John and Bryan, were wanting some action shots (which did worry me bit initially!!!) and natural type photos.  But they only meant ones where they were moving around bit. Phew! So we did some running and skipping which turned out great. They were super happy to relax and do some silly stuff as well!

They had said “we are also looking forward to having professional photos of us finally”. We took advantange of the beautiful autumnal backdrops for family groups as well . As it turned out these two lovelies were absolute naturals in front of the camera. We had big laughs wandering around checking out their favourite spots. 

Once again I was just pinching myself and thinking how lucky am I that my couples are always coming up with awesome and such beautiful locations like the Italian Gardens and Kensington Palace – and I get to meet fab new people and have fun with them on such a special day.

Stunning Hotel and Venue

The ceremony was a simple yet beautiful affair.  With one of Bryan’s besties taking the reins as officiant (and totally surprising him with the transatlantic visit).  The ceremony was a love-fueled rollercoaster of emotions. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, Bryan and John exchanged vows that brought loads of tears to everyone’s eyes, including me! It was an intimate moment of pure love and joy, and I felt incredibly lucky to be a part of it.

After the “I dos,” it was time to celebrate in style at the Milestone Hotel. The grand hotel nestled just across the road from the iconic Kensington Palace is a five-star gem and is just a short hop from Kensington Gardens. Soon it was time for a few more LGBTQ+ wedding at Kensington Gardens pix… with the light being absolutely dreamy!

Cheers to love, London style.  Gorgeous Day Photographing Two Lovelies

As the day unfolded, I couldn’t help but feel grateful to be capturing the love story of Bryan and John. From the tranquil stunning beauty of Kensington Gardens to the heartfelt moments shared with family and friends, to the elegance of the Milestone.  It was a day filled with laughter, tears, and everything in between. 

A truly magical LGBTQ+ wedding at Kensington Gardens. Bryan and John’s love story is definitely worth telling and I was so pleased to capture it.  Laughter, love and happily everafters!

If you are in the hunt for a LGBTQ+ wedding at Kensington Gardens photographer, I’d love to meet you!

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