Quirky Brighton Town Hall Wedding that came within a whisker of not being photographed!

“Holy Moly! How am I going to choose???? What gorgeous photos, capturing so many moments and I totally love the facial expressions caught in a memory, so beautiful! Thank you thank you thank you”!

Reluctant To have Their Photo Taken

These two quirky Brightonian and arts-lovers, Kirsteen and Martin got in touch to talk about their Brighton Town Hall wedding. They let me in on a wee secret. Originally they weren’t going to bother with a wedding photographer! Blimey! But, when Kirsteen’s sister absolutely insisted that they organise a professional photographer for their wedding or they would regret it forever! Strong but also very true words. (Kirsteen’s sister sounded pretty cool to me!).

Coffee and chat about Brighton Town Hall Wedding

We chatted over coffee at Marwood’s and they filled me in on their wedding plans. As a couple, they had been together for years and wanted a lovely celebration of love and family – all very laid back and no fuss. I showed Kirsteen and Martin some of my wedding albums from other clients so they understood what I meant about shooting natural, unposed photography. Just focusing on the moments and expressions. They soon warmed up to the idea and were super excited talking about their plans.

Kirsteen did warn me just before their wedding that “Martin may try to hide from you, it’s nothing personal. Promise”!! She had also mentioned the words like Horrified! Nervous! Will usually avoid any cameras……in previous conversations!

We clicked and got on like a house on fire. I totally understood their nerves around having their photos taken as I am pretty much exactly the same. As it happened on the big day I don’t think Martin did notice me taking his photo. He had nothing at all to worry about – he has a gorgeous smile. I got loads of awesome natural photos of him (and lovely Kirsteen of course!). As a couple these two just rock!

Arts lovers met at Opera Festival

This theatrical couple first met at the Garsington Opera Festival Oxford when Martin was lighting crew and Kirsteen was the stage manager. They love listening to music, drinking wine and walking along the beach. Scout their daughter lives with them in Brighton and they have a hankering for funny animal memes!

Getting ready in Kemptown

I met Kirsteen and her support crew comprising of Mum Joan, sister Deirdre and daughter Scout. What a giggle it was hanging out with them as they got ready and had their makeup done. Even last-minute bridesmaid dress disasters didn’t faze this awesome group. I loved photographing these gorgeous relaxed women getting ready for the big day.

Soon it was time to hop in the cabs and get to the Town Hall where Martin was nervously waiting with family and friends!

Brighton Town Hall Wedding Ceremony

Getting married in the centre of Brighton with walking distance to just about everywhere is a huge plus. Kirsteen and Martin wanted a short ceremony with just 30 or so of their nearest and dearest. It was a moving and beautiful ceremony which had quite a few of us sniffling away. They came out to cheers and confetti and then everyone made their way to the lunch at the Brighton Beach Club.

Stroll along the beachfront to the Brighton Beach Club

The Brighton Beach Club was a great choice for their reception. The speeches were brilliant, emotive. The food was gorgeous and the staff fab and super friendly. It was my third visit to the Brighton Beach Club for the 2019 summer! Then after a few bubbles and a break in the weather, I snuck out with Kirsteen and Martin for some loved-up couple photos on the beach front. Super cute couple.

Party at the local

St Georges Inn in Kemptown was the last port of call for the days wedding celebrations. St Georges is the couples local and a great spot for a laid back party. Face painting fun and DJs Chris and Dom spun the decks.

What a gorgeous day and a lovely, lovely couple. Congratulations Kirsteen and Martin. What a pleasure it was being a part of your day.


Makeup: Jenna West Makeup Artist

Ceremony: The Brighton Town Hall

Reception Lunch: The Brighton Beach Club

Party: St Georges Inn, Kemptown

DJs: Chris and Dom

London & Brighton quirky cute wedding photography!


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