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It is so good to be in New Zealand for a few months and escape the English winter ❄️and lap up the sun and heat in Aotearoa. ??I will be back in New Zealand for a few months of summer each year now – shooting some awesome New Zealand weddings, doing some editing from my laptop on the beach! and catching up with family and friends. BLOODY AWESOME!

Here is the latest New Zealand Couple Photoshoot with the gorgeous Christchurch couple Ruby and Ethan.

This trip has been great to revisit many of my favourite New Zealand scenic spots – hence potential stunning places to capture photos of couples.

Auckland & Christchurch

This trip, I’ve got to know and have fallen in love again with Auckland and have been totally blown away with the amazing transformation of Christchurch, my hometown.

Apart from the great cities this is what New Zealand is all about for me. Beautiful, beautiful vistas everywhere you turn. You are always so close to the coast and a beach with the undulating, mountainous landscape I will never tire of looking at. With all of this beautiful landscape comes a real sense of quiet and peace and instant de-stress and connection with nature and the environment, that is uniquely New Zealand.

Perfect landscape for New Zealand Couple Photoshoots

New Zealand has so many undiscovered nooks and crannies that are just perfect for a couple photoshoot or engagement shoot and of course wedding couple portraits as well!

I gotta say the light, the scenery and the settings is just blowing my mind and I can’t wait to come back next year to shoot my New Zealand Weddings.

For now, I am keeping busy shooting a mix of couple and engagement shoots and loving every minute of it. Here is one of my faves with the gorgeous Ruby and Ethan. We spend a wonderful hour and a half at Godley Head. This beautiful headland is located at the entrance to Lyttelton Harbour and has fantastic walking tracks, tussock covered hills, 120m cliffs and gorgeous views whichever way you look across Lyttleton Harbour to Banks Penisula.

Godley Head is only a 25-minute drive from Christchurch and is a special spot for the lovely Ruby and Ethan. The Christchurch couple loves the quiet and beauty of Godley Head and have many special memories of the place.

We arranged to meet later in the evening in order to make the most of the lovely golden light. As I was driving from Sumner via Evans Pass road and around the twisting, narrow summit road, the cloud and sea mist was coming in and I was thinking ok…maybe mysterious, moody, misty, romantic photos may be on the cards for this evening….

However, the mist soon cleared and the most gorgeous golden light that matched the golden tussock bathed over us. So stunning golden, romantic images and vistas with the aqua blue of Lyttelton Harbour to throw some contrast, were the ticket.

Video Highlights

I’ve also just started adding video highlights and behind the scenes to my wedding packages and I was really keen to play around with my new GoPro with Ruby and Ethan. I wanted to create a short couple minute clip that helped sum up the beautiful evening and gorgeous connection between these too. I was super happy with this my first effort! Check it out below!

Gorgeous relaxed couple photoshoot

Ruby and Ethan were totally connected and in the space with each other as I happily shot away. Sometimes it can be tricky meeting your photographer for the first time and going straight into a photo shoot. We however all clicked straight away ?and Ruby and Ethan were also fab fun to chat away to. I love these couple photoshoots where I get to meet new people, have a good old chat and find out all about them. Then after an hour and half feel like we’d been mates for ages.

Thanks very much Ruby and Ethan you guys rock!

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