St Albans Wedding at St Michael’s Manor

I really loved second shooting this vibrant St Albans wedding with Carol Hemingway in my old stomping ground. I was hanging out with the groom and his huge contingent of groomsmen….and the car!  This extremely cool and very fast looking racing car made for some great pix before and after the ceremony.  (Don’t ask me anything about cars!  All I know it was red and sounded really throaty!!)  Cars and transport kind of featured alot in this wedding.   The bridal car, unfortunately, broke down en route to the church and the bride and her Dad had to flag down a car to take them to the church!   The gorgeous couple were both so lovely and super relaxed, despite this hiccup.  Guests were picked up in the brilliantly red Routemaster bus.

Get me to the church on time!

There are some lovely people in this world and this random couple who just happened to be driving past our bride (and her broken-down car) saw their plight and insisted on driving them directly to the Church.  It was a major talking point before the service, as the bride was a tad late!

St Albans Wedding at St Michaels Manor

What an absolutely stunning place to hold a wedding reception.  A beautiful sun-speckled  evening was perfect for the couple portraits in the lush green grounds overlooking the lake.  Drinks on the terrace overlooking the ground and then on to a beautiful meal, hilarious speeches and some seriously impressive dance moves!

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