Fun loving engagement shoot at Rottingdean

It was soooo cool to meet  Alisha and Matt for their engagement shoot recently at Rottingdean Beach.  I had never shot there before and it was really, really  lovely.  I will most definitely be coming back!  It ticks alot of boxes for me… sweeping sea views, stunning cliffs, and even a wee peak of the Windmill overlooking the beach.  What a fab place and so close to Brighton.

Having an engagment shoot is such a great idea before the wedding… number one they really are fun for the couple and it’s like creating a special memory in itself.  It helps you feel more relaxed for the big day and know what to expect from your wedding photographer.  (You get some lovely photos too)!  From my perspective as a wedding photographer it is an awesome opportunity to get to know a couple that little bit, and find out what makes them tick.

I love working with couples where we kinda click and ultimately have a good laugh which means we are creating some pretty wicked photos.   It certainly is a big plus going into the wedding with this kind of rapport.  Alisha and Matt are a great couple, warm, friendly and really authentic people (just my type!).  They were great fun and didn’t need any encouragement to get in the swing of things with the shoot.  I had them running over stones, climbing up boulders and dancing in front of the huts…awesome!   Super gorgeous people who look so good together.

I loved taking your photos guys, thanks for being such great sports! xxx


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