Campest Gay London Wedding!

Wow!  what an amazing explosion of colour, fun and theatrical frolics, Ben and Chris’s Islington Town Hall Wedding was.  I loved shooting it, it was total fun. It does have to be the campest Gay London Wedding I have either attended or photographed! and I say that it the truest sense of the word.  (I know cos I looked it up)!!

Definition of Camp

2. [kamp] something that provides sophisticated, knowing amusement, as by virtue of its being extravagantly stylized, or teasingly ingenuous and sentimental. a person who adopts a teasing, theatrical manner, especially for the amusement of others.

It was also though, full of love, sentiment and joy – a truely amazing day and night.  Beautiful in every sense.  Ben and Chris put on some wonderful entertainment for their guests during the course of the day (and night).  Of course I was gleefully rubbing my hands together at all of this – as a gay London wedding photographer there were soooo many amazing moments to capture.

I joined the boys as they were arriving separately at the Islington Town Hall.  Their multi colour rainbow suits really set the scene for the day, and I knew that this wedding was going to be something different.   Ben had four bridesmaids in his entourage each wearing a full on wedding dress! (absolutely stunning too, each one of them) and Chris’s four bridesmaids were dressed in super stylish tuxedos.

Islington Town Hall

Chris and Ben got married in the grand Council Chambers at Islington Town Hall.  This beautiful room boasts a vaulted ceiling and lovely stained glass windows, which made a beautiful  back drop for the wedding photos.  The ceremony itself was lovely, full of beautiful readings and heartfelt words, pretty amazing singing and vows from the boys that had me in tears.  Yes I am known to cry in weddings that I photograph!  Immediately after the ceremony we got some lovely portraits of the boys in the beautiful marble floored corridor immediately adjacent to the Council Chambers, then it was a short walk around the corner to The Arc Centre  for the wedding reception and party.

Wonderful Wedding Entertainment

The room was gorgeously decorated with the campest wedding photo bunting and bright pink and purple uplights creating a lovely atmosphere.  Guests were greeted with a their own personally named  shot as they entered! Chris and Ben sat proudly on their Queen like thrones!

Drinks and gorgeous Mexican Canapes followed with the  scrumptios Mexican meal.  Speeches (hilarious and heartfelt) and then some great entertainment provided by both sets of bridesmaids.  Wow and the party hadn’t even started by that stage either!

A quick change of outfit from the colourful suits into more colourful and sparkling, sequined dress for Ben and a white waistcoat with white trousers and personalised head gear for Chris.  They looked amazing.

The boys had provided a kareoke room for their guests along with dressing up box and a life size cut out of Kylie!  A spectacular Rainbow Wedding Cake made by one of Chris and Ben’s friends looked amazing and by the looks on Ben’s face as he ate it….was out of this world!

and that folks is all just about all I can say….other than the rest of the night was epic!!!

Gay London Weddings

After this awesome day and night I am super keen to photograph even more Gay London Weddings.  Please do get in touch if you are thinking of getting married in Islington, Walthamstow, Central London especially!  Well actually I’m up for shooting any London Gay Wedding especially if it is anywhere as gay and camp as this wedding!

Out and proud and loving it.

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